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Hand picked videos from around the world filmed with the latest quadcopters – including the Mavic Pro, Phantom series (in 2.7K and 4K), and the Inspire 1 & 2. New technology, longer flight times, and lower prices, will open up a whole new world we can all explore and share!

Mavic Pro Collection of Drone Footage

Inspire 1 Drone Footage

Phantom 4 Pro Drone Footage

Phantom 3 Standard Collection of Drone Footage

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Drone Vs Drone Showdown!

If you are wonder how today’s most popular drones stack up against each other we highly recommend checking out the videos below! Lots of great information to help you decide which quadcopter is best for your needs – and budget.

Is The DJI Phantom 3 Series To Be Discontinued?

It Looks Like DJI is phasing out the Phantom 3 line up!

You’ll find fewer choices lately on the DJI website for their Phantom 3 drones. The buzz online is that DJI intends to phase these out soon. When exactly? Know one seems to know for sure.

To bad really, the Phantom 3 series offered very affordable drones capable of producing professional quality aerial footage. Fortunately, it looks like they may be keeping the Phantom 3 Standard around for awhile – but how long?

If the price of the Phantom 4’s come down, this won’t be such a bad thing… if prices do come down? The 4 series offers a lot of value for the money, but they are also out of many peoples price range.

In the mean time, this news must have some retailers anxious, there are some amazing deals on the DJI Phantom 3’s – Check these out on Amazon

DJI is still selling the Phantom 3 Pro but they are priced fairly high in our opinion. If you want to get one of these before they halt production, check out the latest offerings here on AmazonPrices seem to be dropping daily!

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Professional Quadcopters & Drones