Pro Quadcopters is a small group of Drone (quadcopter) enthusiasts who believe drones are going to be a big part of our future and used in ways we have not even begun to think about. Be it for commercial uses, industrial work (e.g. inspections services), security (a big one!) and of course surveillance (imagine when PI’s can use these undetected – a little scary).

It won’t be long before drone stadiums are built for racing and drone wars (for fun of course). VR headsets are going to change the way we see the world when we can participate in live streaming braodcast or remote viewing of natural places few have seen – all in all, it is going to be very exciting!

Professional Quadcopters are going to be a big part of this and we want to be there, front row seats! That is why we started Proquadcopters.com. to bring you everything we find interesting, new and exciting in the new world we will all get see in the near future!


The Pro Droners / Proquadcopters.com

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Professional Quadcopters & Drones
Professional Quadcopters & Drones