Amazing 2.7K Drone Footage From The Phantom 3 Standard & Advanced

Our Collection of The Best 2.7K Drone Footage Filmed With The Phantom 3 Standard & Advanced

“Drones Will Change The Way We See The World!”

Imagine being able to fly into the most remote parts of the world
up close & personal, in a way no other aircraft can…
Drones will allow anyone to film, create, and share what has
never been seen by human eyes before!


Phantom 3 Standard – Best Beginner Drone!

The phantom 3 Standard is an excellent choice if you are new to quacopters. It is reasonably priced and learning to fly the standard will make it easy to upgrade later! The main difference between the Phantom 3 Standard and Advanced is range and the controller. The Advanced uses Lightbridge plus GPS/GLONASS and has a range of 3 miles (5 km) while the Standard is 1 km using WIFI and only has GPS for its smart flight modes. Both use the same 2.7K camera.

Phantom 3 Standard & Advanced
Find Out More About The Phantom 3 Standard & Advanced Here

Where To Buy Online:

NOTE: DJI no longer sells the Phantom Advanced (as it will be discontinued in favor of the Phantom 4), it is only available on Amazon and other retailers.

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