Stunning 4K Drone Footage From The Phantom 3 Pro & 3 – 4K

Our Collection of The Best 4K Drone Footage Filmed With The DJI Phantom 3 Pro & Phantom 3 4K

“Drones Will Change The Way We See The World!”

Imagine being able to fly into the most remote parts of the world
up close & personal, in a way no other aircraft can…
Drones will allow anyone to film, create, and share what has
never been seen by human eyes before!


Phantom 3 Pro – Stunning Footage Made Easy!

We are sad to announce that the Phantom 3 Pro (a great quadcopter) will soon be discontinued, as will the Phantom 3 4K. Both are to be replaced by the Phantom 4 series. The Phantom 3 Pro offered users the capability to capture footage suitable for professional use.

If you still want to buy the Phantom 3 Pro you will need to act fast as stock will run out soon. Links are provided below to get it on You may be able to find it elsewhere, but we found that Amazon still seems to have stock (or other sellers on Amazon).

Phantom 3 Pro 4K Footage


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