Unbelievable 4K – 5.2K Drone Footage From The DJI Inspire 2

Our Collection of The Best 4K+ Drone Footage Filmed With The DJI Inspire 2

We will add more videos as they become available – Inspire 2 is so new there are very few videos to choose from.

“Drones Will Change The Way We See The World!”

Imagine being able to fly into the most remote parts of the world
up close & personal, in a way no other aircraft can…
Drones will allow anyone to film, create, and share what has
never been seen by human eyes before!


DJI Inspire 2 Takes Pro Footage To The Next Level!

The Inspire 2 was designed with professional users in mind. It is of professional caliber through and through. This is not limited to the quadcopter or the camera, but extends to storage options, post-editing, live broadcasting standards and so much more – The Inspire 2 is built for the film industry and it delivers with flying colors!

If professional film is your business, or it will be, there is no question in our minds, the Inspire 2 offers everything a professional filmmaker could want, especially in this price range. At the moment, there is nothing that can compete with it!

DJI Inspire 2 Drone Footage
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Professional Quadcopters & Drones