Why Buying a Refurbished DJI Drone Makes Sense & Will Save You a Lot of Money

You Can Save Up To 40% on DJI Refurbished Drones & They Are Like New!

Yes, we know, that word “Refurbished” sounds so “Used”, maybe even “Second Rate”, but it is really quite the opposite when it comes to DJI. Consider a recent deal (April 26/17) where DJI was blowing out Phantom 3 Standards at $319.00 on eBay – Yes you read that right, and that is 36% off. Considering these units have full warranty, that is a great deal!

DJI Refurbished Drones Are Exactly The Same as New Units.

All refurbished means is returned units that have been refitted with new parts. These are not old, damaged units DJI is fixing. These are returned or defective units, mostly unused that only require replacement of a defective part or parts.

Check Out This Video on The DJI Refurbishing Process


It’s Like Buying a Brand New Car With a Motor Swap!

Buying a DJI refurbished drone can be compared to buying a brand new car with 20 miles on it, blowing a motor just as it leaves the dealers lot. The owner does not want it and the dealer throws a new motor in it and re-lists the car – at 20% less than the previous price – it is after all, used now. Huge savings for the next buyer who basically gets a brand new car.

Refurbished DJI drones are much the same, barely used (if at all), new parts and you get steep discounts!

DJI Refurbished Drones Come With a Full DJI Warranty!

If DJI was not confident in the quality of these refurbished units, they would not offer a full warranty with them – and they do!

On top of this, new props are included, new packaging and when you receive your “Refurbished” drone, you’ll have no reason to think it is used – they look brand new and for the most part – THEY ARE!

If you are interested in Refurbished DJI Drones, check out the links below, we hunted down some of the deals we could find on Amazon and eBay

View Best Deals on Amazon (all DJI quadcopters available)

View The Latest Deal by DJI on  eBay (Phantom 3 Standard – was as low as $319! May still be available, click link to confirm)

Visit DJI eBay Store (Most DJI quadcopters available)

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