WATERSTRIDER – Convert Your Drone To Land on Water & Rough Terrain

Some of the best footage taken with drones today is over lakes, rivers and oceans, and with it is the ever present risk of your drone crashing into the water. Considering the average prosumer quadcopter these days runs between $1000 to $2000, the fear of crashing into water is a valid concern. With the recent introduction of the WaterStrider, this is no longer a problem.

With The WaterStrider You Can Land Your Drone on Water!

If you own any of the Phantom 3 or Phantom 4 Series of DJI quadcopters you can buy the WATERSTRIDER float system for your drone. It attaches in seconds and the design is extremely simple and effective.

  • Keep your drone afloat “And Stable” on any reasonably calm body of water
  • The WATERSTRIDER can tolerate moderate waves
  • Land on various types of terrain – snow, rocks, slopes etc.
  • Capture Amazing Footage from any location on the water at low angles – e.g. fishing, water skiing etc.
  • If you crash into water, you may damage your drone, but it WON’T SINK!

Only One Downside

As you can see in the picture above or the video below, the WaterStrider spans a good distance out from the quadcopter. This will effect how your drone flies. An easy way to grasp how the WaterStrider effects the performance of your Phantom 3 or 4 is similar to what you might experience when driving a fast sports car.

Without the Waterstrider, your drone is nimble and fast. With the WaterStrider attached, it would be somewhat like towing a small trailer behind that fast sports car – still nice to drive, but you’ll be going a little slower and more careful on the curves so to speak.

You may also notice a slight difference in flight time. The little bit of extra weight and wind resistance does require more energy so expect a 10% to 20% reduction subject to weather conditions.

The Benefits Out-way The Drawbacks!

The WaterStrider isn’t meant to be used all the time, just when you plan to shoot a lot of footage above water or directly from water  level. This is where the WaterStrider can’t be beat. You will be able to shoot footage not possible any other way and you won’t have to worry about losing your drone. The wide span of the floats keeps it very stable on water and uneven terrain!

Watch the WATERSTRIDER float system in the video below:

If you want the peace of mind the WaterStrider offers, it is now available on Amazon.

Buy WaterStrider on Amazon.com
Stock is Limited – Check WaterStrider Availability on Amazon!

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